Posted on: September 10, 2010 4:54 pm

Boise bashing ends September 25th

For months maybe even years; certain groups of fans have been hating on Boise State for no reason at all. Instead of looking at the accomplishments of their teams, they have turned all of their attention towards a very successful team in Boise State for the past few years.

 It started when Boise pimp slapped Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl and it hasn’t stopped since.  A majority of the nation had Oklahoma winning that game and why not? They featured the best running back in the game but that one man couldn’t carry the entire team on his back. Here we are in the year 2010 and the hatred is still just as strong as it was a few years ago. 

Excuses continue to flow from posters like spinkiller and soonerznation about Boise State’s strength of schedule. Boise State has been successful with their scheduling and what doesn’t make since is the fact that some sour fans are still demanding that they change their scheduling practices.

 Money demands have become another battle ground for those same sour fans. Once upon a time college football was about beating your opponents, rivalries and pure toughness and grit. Now instead of it being a sport; it has become a business which is not good for collegiate athletics.

  For all of the haters screaming about Boise State’s schedule; call or write your congressional representative and demand that your college football team play Boise State.

 If you’re not willing to get off of your duff to make it happen; don’t complain about Boise State’s schedule.

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